Insurance isn't getting any less complicated.
Whether you have no tracking process in place and would like to implement a system, or are overwhelmed by handling certs in-house, we're here for you. 

Certificate tracking can quickly become burdensome for a growing business. Following up, back-log, and lack of expertise cause fustration and sleepless nights for those worried about their business being at risk. Our team is dedicated to streamlining your certificate tracking needs.

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    COI Collection

    The COI (certificate of insurance) shows a summary of your vendors insurance coverage. We request, collect, review, and store COI's in an easy-to-use cloud based software. We treat all your vendors, (as well as their agents and brokers) with respect and understanding- we value the importance of these relationships and understand that insurance can be complicated confusing, and frustrating. 

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    We work with your subcontractors and their insurance agents so they fully comply with your set requirements. Quality analysis of your vendors coverage can save your from costly risk situations. This analysis often includes limits, expiration dates, types of coverage, exclusions, and endorsements. We can be as detailed as you need.

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    Compliance Follow Up

    Certificates of insurance are often non-compliant, expired, or missing essential endorsements. Reaching out and following up with vendors and their agents is an important part of the insurance tracking process. Our team of professionals and software solution will efficiently handle the back and forth of insurance compliance. Any exceptions to requirements are meticulously documented and easily accessible to your team through reporting features. 

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    Our software is designed to provide your company a single place to view your COIs, compliance, and risk reporting, for your vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, franchisees, and carriers.The reporting features of our software allow multiple level (or controled access) to all project or property compliance reports for you team. Easily visualize the status of your vendors and ther compliance status or missing items- at any time, from anywhere.  

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    Intergration options allow for direct upload to your accounting software (Procore, Sage300, Viewpoint and more). If you are currently tracking COIs through your accounting software we can make a simple transition to our COI tracking sofware in order to propery mitigate your risk and avoid gaps in coverage. 

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    Personalization & Attention

    Each client is unique. We provide a tailored approach to insurance tracking in order to fit your needs. Whether it is 35 projects with multiple levels of requirements on each, or a simple home remodel, we want you or your company to be covered. Verifique is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and timely responses. With over 6 years of insurance tracking expertise, we know what it takes to track certificates and have the techonology to do so in the most efficient way. 

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